In the village you have the possibility for sports with the tennis court at Hotel Faver and SKYCLIMBER, which offers different possibilities. A bit outside there are different tennis courts under more La Baita.

Nearby there are numerous possibilities for sport activities.

Limone – 10 min (5km) by car to the beach. There you can sunbathe, swim, surf, sail, during season there are pedal boats for rent. Surfing also is excellent in direction of Riva and in Torbole, where you can find steady winds. Limone also is starting point for the famous Bike Xtreme tour, which climbs 1.800 m. Why not try ...

Less strenuous are boat tours starting in Limone, using the regular lines. Also taxi boats are available.

Arco, ca 30-40 min by car, offers numerous rocks for rock climbing, in various degrees of difficulty.

Monte Baldois good for paragliding. From Malcesine, a cableway leads up to the mountain. Malcesine can be reached by boat starting in Limone, or by car via Riva, Torbole.

Travelling south you get to Bogliaco, whose harbour is the starting point of the famous Centomiglia, taking place every month of September. Also there is an exclusive golf course.

Seeing and enjoying culture: Rovereto’s newest main attraction is MARTy, the largest new museum for contemporary art in Italy built by Mario Botta in 2002. Lovely is a stroll through the old quarters of Rovereto, offering Italian flair surrounded by high mountain ridges.

A visit to the Vittoriale, the former residence of d’Annunzio, in Gardone, is a unique experience. Especially the park, which houses an old military boat, is worth a visit. Nearby is the Botanic Garden, not far from the Main Street.

In Sirmione, you can visit Roman excavations, which, during peak season, tend to be rather crowded.

Nice towns for strolling, looking, shopping, are Riva and Saló.

One of the nearest large towns is Verona, with its famous Roman arena, place of world famous opera productions, and Juliet’s balcony.

In Brescia, you can experience everyday Italian urban life and visit three famous squares: the Piazza del Duomo, the Piazza dell’Orologio, and a Piazza dating from the 1930’s, each maintaining their original style.

Not to forget Venezia, 2 ˝ hours by car (ca 200 km), and Milano 2 hours by car (160 km), both exciting places for a trip of one or several days.

A local bus company has regular, inexpensive travel offers to Verona and Venezia.